Z-aim Pro Stalker Sling

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The patent pending Z-aim™ Pro Stalker sets a new standard in how a gun sling should be constructed. The innovative design gives the user a number of benefits, compared to traditional single or double gun slings.

When carrying your rifle with Z-aim™ Pro Stalker in rough terrain you will feel the difference to a traditional gun sling, it’s very comfortable and makes the rifle so secure that you probably will forget that you even have a rifle on your back.

It offers a quick-adjustable system for shoulder carry or offhand shooting. The non-slip grippers secure your firearm snugly to your shoulder, regardless of the synthetic material of your other garment.

Z-aim™ Pro Stalker is the only gun sling on the market wich has solved the problem with comfortable and secure carrying a rifle together with a backpack.

With Z-aim™ Pro Stalker there are no longer any problems with the gun sling constantly slipping off your shoulder or you being forced to place the sling around the neck wich always will cause fatigue and pain.

With the Z-aim™ Pro Stalker you always have both hands free, wich makes it the optimal choice when you are skiing, walking, running, climbing or whenever carrying a rifle. It is easy to use and you are just one simple handgrip away from aiming and firing.

Z-aim™ has thought of everything! You can easily transform Z-aim™ Pro Stalker to a traditional single gun sling, and the side strap can be used to carry home your game.

Neoprene Model