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X Sight Sport 2RX HT2

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The HT-2 clay shooting glasses set features five of our high-light transmission lens colours for shooting throughout the Autumn & Winter months or in cloudy/dull & overcast conditions. Light yellow & light orange for improving clarity in low light. Light purple & light pink for contrast enhancement & background suppression, particularly for orange clays and light brown for managing brighter conditions. Using higher VLT (visible light transmission) lenses produces lower contrast-boosting effects than darker lenses but allows more light through to the retina, enhancing your visual acuity. An excellent choice for sporting, trap & skeet shooters who seek lighter, more natural lens colours.

Good For:

  • Low – medium light conditions, cloudy climates & undercover shooting.
  • Lighter, high transmission lens colours for improved visual acuity.
  • Minimally invasive contrast enhancement.
  • Balanced all-around lens colour choice.
  • Sporting, Trap & Skeet.

Lens Colours (scroll down for further information on each colour):

  • Light Brown
    (Conditions: Medium-light) (LTV – 38%) (Primary use: Light management) (Contrast Level – Low boost)
  • Light Purple
    (Conditions: Medium-light) (LTV – 25%) (Primary use: Neutralise backdrops + contrast boost) (Contrast Level – Medium boost)
  • Light Pink
    (Conditions: Medium – Low light) (LTV – 33%) (Primary use: Contrast boost) (Contrast Level – Medium boost)
  • Light Orange
    (Conditions: Low light) (LTV – 52%) (Primary use: Light optimisation) (Contrast Level – Low boost)
  • Light Yellow
    (Conditions: Low light) (LTV – 82%) (Primary use: Light optimisation) (Contrast Level – Low boost)