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Vorn Lynx Backpack Realtree Xtra Blaze

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Lynx Backpack 12 / 20L Blaze Limited Edition

A really good carrying system with stable, well-worn carrier belt. Padded support for the fainting. Padded "ok" and shoulder straps. A support system that allows the skin to breathe completely on your skin! Very comfortable if the walk is long and the pace high. Adjustable for different lengths on the back. In addition to the main tray there is a small tray with access from above.

The backpack has a variety of attachment points for extra thrust on the hip belt and on the back of the bag. Eyelash / handle at the top of the back of the bag. Not the cheapest bag, but definitely one of the absolute best. The material in the bag is quite quiet, leaving no hollow "clothes scrap" away.

When you take the bag out of the bag, grab the bar with your right hand, a slight draw in the release eye with your left hand, swing the bow, Ready to shoot. With some exercise it only takes 2-3 seconds. Truly a "Quick Rifle Release"

Volume: Adjustable from 12 to 20 liters

Colour: Realtree Xtra Blaze