Teslong Rifle Borescope

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Teslong Rifle Borescope

A USB rifle borescope connects to smart devices via a USB cord. USB cords are universal and work on many different devices. They can work with an Android phone or tablet along with laptops, MacBooks, and more. However, they will not work with Apple phones or tablets.


With a USB rifle borescope, you get more screen and charging options. However, a USB borescope does not include its own screen and will require a smart device for use. In addition, these flexible devices prevent you from needing to pull mechanical machines apart to diagnose the problem and help make repairs easily.


• USB Design Compatible with Android, Windows PC, or Apple OSX

• 45 in Flexible Borescope Probe

• Fits .22 Caliber or Larger Barrels

• LED Ring Light Illuminated

• Removable Side View Mirror