Swazi Tahr Ultralite

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Our new Tahr Ultralite is the ultimate light weight shell jacket or outer layer.  Made from SWAZI’s proprietary AEGIS® Strata fabric and weighing in at just 484 grams (size Large) or 17 ounces, you might need to remind yourself you packed it.

  Designed to repel the rain and bend the wind, it's great for the weight conscious.   Ideal for tahr and chamois hunting, alpine sheep or goat hunts, back country fishing trips, or a carry along for hunting Africa - runners, hikers, walkers... in fact, anytime you need to conserve weight and bulk.


  The full length, anorak style is always a favourite, covering the top part of your legs and keeping more of you dry.

  Featuring a fully adjustable kickass Swazi wired hood with easy to use cord stoppers, velcro and elasticated cuffs, long take, hand-warmer pockets and a waist drawcord to stop  the wind coming up from below.

  Hunt smarter in the new Swazi Tahr Ultralite.

    Please note: These garments are made from an ultralight fabric.  Care must be taken that you do not rip or puncture the membrane through excessive hard wear eg. agricultural or commercial use, spikey vegetation or in environments which may subject the fabric to be damaged.  As with anything, if you look after it, it'll look after you.

   Made in New Zealand.