Swann 12 Megapixel Outback Trail Camera

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Swann 12 Megapixel Outback Trail Camera

Clear resolution, 1080p camera for a crystal clear picture
• Powerful night vision up to 15 metres
• Analogue CCTV technology for higher resolution images even in low light conditions
• Viewing angle of 62 degrees to monitor wildlife or unwanted intruders
• IP67 weatherproof rated for use indoors or outdoors

Special features
• Records onto a SD card inside the unit – easily transferred to your computer
• Motion detection and timed triggers for recording video and images so you can leave it to record without needing to be near it

What are the benefits of the OutbackCam?
The Swann OutbackCam is a great camera suitable for a variety of uses, whether you want to track wildlife in your garden or use it as a security camera to catch unwanted intruders on your property. With its IP67 rating, sturdy build and compact size it can be placed almost anywhere indoors or outdoors or even in a bird box. Battery powered so no wires are needed and with its own built in recording slot, the camera is completely standalone. Get great shots day or night with 15m night vision, 1080p resolution and 62 degree viewing angle. You can set your camera to trigger only when it detects motion, at timed intervals or a combination of the two. This gives you the chance to leave the camera in a position and not have to worry about it.

How does the camera record?
Everything you need to record on this camera is included in the box so you can set up straight away. The Swann OutbackCam has a SD slot for direct recording from the camera and can be used with an SD card with a memory of up to 32GB. This gives you the opportunity to take thousands of pictures and hundreds of videos on your camera. With video in avi and pictures in JPEG they’re easily transferable to your computer from your SD card.

Where should I put my OutbackCam?
The OutbackCam is designed to be used almost anywhere. Its IP67 rating means it will be fine with rain or mist and with its rugged design you can leave the camera in one location for as long as you want. The camera has a wide range of mounting options and comes with a mounting strap perfect for trees or posts.

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