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Sitka Stormfront Jacket

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The newly revised Stormfront series provides a non-insulated shell and fits comfortably over all documents that you need to put in cold -wet weather . With its GORE-TEX® laminate , the Stormfront series is a protective layer which is simply indispensable for an extended rain protection .

The Stormfront jacket has been completely redesigned for 2013 and is now more than ever the perfect choice for hunters and guides who hunt in humid coastal regions and therefore practically live in their rain gear. The stable three-layer GORE-TEX® hardshell fabric makes these pants for the most robust and abrasion most in our line. It is ideally suited for long hunting trips in wet weather in tight, hard to reach habitats of moose and brown bears.
The uninsulated Stormfront jacket offers good breathability in mild temperatures, but can also be worn with layers from the Kelvin series during the bitter winter months in the north. All zippers are sealed and waterproof. The insertion pockets are placed higher than other jackets. There are two reasons: On the one hand is so prevents the hip strap of your backpack conceals bags and other pearls rainwater so your elbows when you have your hands in your pockets, and not running down your arms. In the two chest pockets and two clutch bags you can store your essentials dry. The four panels Hood can be stored in a zipped pocket in the collar to have the ears free and to keep the noise level low. The slightly longer back hem diverts water away from your body so that it can not run in your pants when you sit in the saddle or have to remain in the observation on wet slate. Simultaneously prevents cold gusts of wind affect your microclimate. Thanks to the afflicted with elastic bottom water can also penetrate, if you need to use your hands.
The Stormfront jacket is designed for extreme and very wet weather periods - an absolutely reliable and practical raincoat.

Sitka Gear Stormfront Jacket from SITKA Gear on Vimeo.