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Sitka Downpour Pant

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The pants makes Downpour Rain Set perfectly: It guarantees freedom of movement and holds thanks to the GORE-TEX® laminate was every shower.

The Downpour pants are made for keeping you in the car seat dry when wet, dark autumn storms sweep across the forest. The 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX® laminate is particularly quiet thanks to the overlying slightly roughened, water-repellent material. Since they can be compressed optimally and transport, the Downpour pants can easily be stored in your backpack until announcing the first downpour.

Thanks to the continuous side zips you can pant silently other in seats and take off and provide between two downpours for ventilation. The movable section shape is perfect for sitting and increased comfort and freedom of movement, while the inner belt system can be adjusted so that you can still pull an undercoat beneath.