ShooterKing Ladies Mossy Softshell

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Product Description

The Mossy Softshell Jacket offers two wearable options; a unique natural camouflage print for increased cover, blending for woodland environments and a plain brown lining for everyday wear. 

The Mossy Softshell Jacket is made entirely from Polyester, which aids in the retention of warmth for the wearer, as well as a Shoottex membrane. The Shoottex membrane uses the latest technologies to create a layer of protection against water, wind and overheating, leaving the wearer protected against rain & bitter winds, whilst maximising moisture evaporation.

Wearers can also make use of the jackets nine pockets, which are placed in prime locations for fast-access to items. A perfect addition to any outdoor enthusiasts attire, with trousers and hats also available. Suitable for both men and women.


- Adjustable hem
- Elasticated hem & cuffs
- Arm pocket with zip
- Shoottex membrane
- Reversible lining
- Reflector seam-trim on camo side
- Pockets open on both lining sides (2-way access)


- Shell Fabric: 100% Polyester 
- Shoottex Membrane: Breathability: 5,000g/sqm/24hr W/R: 10,000mm