Peltor Sportac Electronic Ear Defenders

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Peltor SportTac Hearing Protector - Green + Orange

The unique digital sound circuit eliminates the sharp sound clip that is typical for most active-volume hearing protectors on the market.

Many people find that sound unpleasant and disturbing.

The new electronics in the Peltor SportTac react instantaneously, protecting
your hearing from loud impulse noises. But it does so softly, so that you rarely even hear the clip as the protection is activated.

Just like Peltor’s other active-volume hearing protectors, the SportTac
also enhances your hearing, so you actually hear better with the hearing
protector than without it.

Specially designed for hunters and marksmen

Smooth active-volume function that helps prevent the sound being cut off abruptly
Interchangeable shells make it easy to change colours

Automatic shut-off
Battery life span about 600 hours
Audio input for an external radio

Tested and Approved according to PPE directive 89/686/EEC and EMC directive 89/336/EEC.

Colour: Green