Leica Geovid 8X42 HD-B Binoculars

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Leica Geovid HD-B Binoculars 

The overall concept of the new Geovid HD-B brings about a revolution in rangefinding.


- sharp, high-contrast view with outstanding depth and plasticity, thanks to Perger Porro prisms
- AquaDura® coating for easier cleaning
- extremely high light transmission and particularly neutral colour rendition

- ergonomic bridge construction ensures fatigue-free viewing
- simple two-button operation
- eyecups with 5 click-stop settings
- particularly rugged, light and resilient fully rubber-armoured magnesium body
The classic - Geovid HD series

The optical, electronic and mechanical technologies are perfectly integrated in the pioneer of laser rangefinding, the Geovid HD. An integrated scanning mode allows single measurements every two seconds, which is particularly advantageous when tracking objects in motion. The outward appearance of the compact and ergonomic Geovid HD models is similar to that of conventional binoculars. The differences are in the details: fluoride lenses guarantee maximum colour fidelity and contrast. The Geovids therefore offer a bright, crystal-clear and pin-sharp image, even under the most adverse light conditions.

The benefits at a glance:

_ Unrivalled range of 1300 m / 1422 yds
_ Ergonomic design and construction
_ Fluoride glass for best colour fidelity and contrast
_ Water and dirt repellent AquaDura® coating
_ Nitrogen filling prevents internal fogging
_ Guaranteed fully functional to -25°C / -13°F
_ Waterproof to 5 m / 16.5 ft

Leica Geovid HD 42

The Geovid HD 42s are the lightest and most compact premium binoculars with integrated rangefinders. In addition to an extended measuring range, this model offers ergonomic design, a high-quality finish and particularly rugged construction.

_ 8× or 10× magnification
_ Compact, light, and hand
_ Precise distance determination at medium and long distances
_ Reliable viewing and measurement in the hours of dusk and dawn


Leica HD-R Binoculars

Look forward to the third generation of Leica Geovid HD-42 (typ 403): it comes complete with accurate measurement range and maximum optical performance. In order to guarantee an easy-to-use product we’ve simplified the functions and menu right down to the ballistic basics. A compact, lightweight body and an outstanding ergonomic bridge shape ensure admirable and intuitive ease of use. The perfect companion on any hunting trip.