Leica Amplus 2.5-15x56i BDC

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For all practically-minded hunters, the new Leica Amplus 6 riflescope series is the attractive entry into the premium class. The well-balanced, high-quality optics feature an extremely crisp illuminated dot, 6x zoom, a large exit pupil and a wide field of view. The rugged design makes the Leica Amplus 6 ideal for uncompromising use in any terrain - even in the most adverse weather conditions. The high-quality feel of the functional elements ensures secure and flexible handling at the decisive moment.

Amplus 6 2.5-15x56i, reticle L-4a BDC
The essentials:
6-time zoom
Fine l-4a reticle
12 mm exit pupil
2nd focal plane reticle
90% light transmission
Parallax adjustment

Delivery scope:
Riflescope, optics cleaning cloth, instructions, battery CR 2032