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Hikmicro Lynx 2.0 25mm

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HIKMICRO Lynx 2.0 25mm 384x288 12um Smart Thermal Monocular

Introducing the new Lynx 2.0 25mm thermal monocular. Sharing the same design philosophy,
robust build quality and high performance thermal sensors as the class leading Falcon and Condor
monoculars, the Lynx 2.0 redefines expectations from entry level thermal products.

High performance thermal – At the core of the Lynx 2.0 25mm is HIKMICRO’s latest generation,
384px Sub 20 mK NETD sensor that pairs with the advanced, F1.0 lens to detect very small changes
in temperature and deliver an incredibly detailed image, even in the most challenging conditions. The
15mm Focal length offers 2.4x base mag with up to 8x digital magnification giving you 2.4-19.2x
magnification range.

Compact and powerful - Built on a robust magnesium-alloy chassis, the Lynx 2.0 has a distinctly
premium feel from the first time you pick it up. The updated chassis design also features a removable
18650 battery delivering up to 6.5 hours of run time. The ergonomic buttons fall easily to hand and
allow you to intuitively take control of the main features, even in complete darkness. The large OLED
screen gives a great view of your surroundings while the soft eyecup prevents unwanted light spill.

Digital connectivity – The Lynx 2.0 is supplied with the latest HIKMICRO software which gives you
fast access to commonly used options like brightness and contrast and allows you to add a PIP
screen to your monocular. The Lynx 2.0 offers a choice of four thermal colour profiles, the ability to
record pictures or video and WiFi to allow you to connect, stream and control from the HIKMICRO
sight app.

The lower the NETD value, the better the imaging
Thermal imaging works by sensing tiny differences in temperature, and the more sensitive the sensor
is to minute contrasts, the better and more clear the image in the viewfinder. Lynx 2.0’s sub 20mK
NETD sensors capture the sharpest, most informative images, even in challenging conditions; this
means that you can not just find the heat of people, animals and birds, but capture the detail of the
surroundings to aid identification.

Convenience is king
The Lynx 2.0 has been redesigned to maximise convenience in every area. The size and weight, at
under 175mm in length and under 300g with battery, combine with the rugged build and comfortable
rounded shape to produce a powerful device that can easily be carried and used at all times. The new
power system uses industry-standard rechargeable 18650 batteries for a continuous run-time of up to
6.5 hours, which can be renewed by a quick switch of the battery to a (supplied) spare. Lynx 2.0 also
features a 3 second Fast Boot time, to easily keep pace with the action in the field.

Integrated phone or tablet hotspot
HIKMICRO’s Sight App links Lynx 2.0 to your phone or tablet, creating a second display and adding
functionality: You can control the device via the app, view and share recorded images and video,
share the thermal view with others in your group, and control and update the software settings.

The Lynx 2.0 is the perfect, versatile companion device for hunting, ecological survey, wildlife
observation, search & rescue and security applications. The affordable price, high performance and
robust, proven build make it a natural choice and it seems well set to take over the best-seller crown
from its much-loved predecessor.

More Information
More Information
Product Name A-Z HIKMICRO Lynx 2.0 25mm 384x288 12um Smart Thermal Monocular
SKU HM-LH25-2.0
Unit Type Thermal
Detection Range 1200m
Display Resolution 1024x768
Display Type OLED
NETD <25mK
Objective Lens Diameter 25mm
Operating Temperature -30/+55°C
Pixel Pitch 12μm
Refresh Rate 50HZ
Sensor Resolution 384x288
Video Recording Yes

Image Sensor: VOx Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Max. Resolution: 384 × 288
Frame Rate: 50 Hz
Pixel Interval: 12 μm
Response Waveband: 8 μm to 14 μm
NETD: Less than 20 mK (@25°C), F# = 1.0
Lens (Focal Length): 25 mm, f1.0
Focus Mode: Focus Ring
Detection Range: 1200 m
Min. Focusing Distance: 2.5 m
Magnification: 2.4x to 19.2x (8x)
Field of View(H × V), Degrees/ m @100m: 10.5° × 7.9°/ 18.4 m×13.8 m
Display: 1024 × 768, 0.39 inch, OLED
Palettes: Black Hot, White Hot, Red Hot, Fusion
FFC (Flat Field Correction) Mode: Auto, Manual, External Correction
Exit Pupil: 6 mm
Eye Relief: 20 mm
Diopter (Range): -5 D to +3 D
Brightness Adjustment: Yes
Tone Adjustment: Cold, Warm
Contrast Adjustment: Yes
Record Video: Yes
Capture Snapshot: Yes
Audio Recording: Yes
Standby Mode: Yes
Storage Built-in EMMC: 16 GB
PIP (Picture-in-Picture): Yes
Hotspot: Yes
Hot Track: Yes
Distance Measurement: Yes
Type: Replaceable and Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
Battery Operating Time: 6.5-hour continuous running with CVBS and hotspot function off (@25°C)
Type-C Power Supply: 5VDC, 2 A
Supports External Power Supply: Yes
Protection Level: IP67
Dimension: 172.5 mm × 56.0 mm× 60.8 mm
Weight: 277 g without battery
Working Temperature: -30°C to +55°C

High sensitivity thermal module NETD < 20 mK (@25°C, F# = 1.0)
384 × 288 resolution with 12μm detector
1024 × 768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display
Replaceable and rechargeable Li-ion battery
275 g lightweight, with a compact and ergonomic design
Up to 6.5 hours of continuous operation