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Hikmicro Cheetah LRF Clip On Night Vision Add On

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The Ultimate Cheetah offers the flexibility of interchangeable lenses to deliver a high-performance Day & Night dedicated riflescope and a front clip on night vision that clamps to an existing optical scope - in one affordable package. Now with the added advantage of a 1000m laser range finder allowing you to accurately judge distances while shooting in the day or at night.

In clip-on mode, the Cheetah provides the perfect solution for shooters who want to maintain the uncompromising daytime performance of their optical scopes and then quickly convert to night vision for vermin control.

In riflescope mode, the Cheetah is a high-performance dedicated digital day & night riflescope optimised to deliver a high-resolution full-colour image in the daytime before converting to night mode to give you a detailed black and white image.

The Cheetah is capable of outstanding day and nighttime performance, drawing on all of HIKMICRO’s expertise in sensor technology and software design. The inbuilt IR delivers up to 400m of detection range in total darkness and delivers a crisp image to the HD OLED display.

The Ultimate Cheetah is supplied with all of the replacement lenses and accessories required to use the night vision module in these two configurations.