Hawke Endurance 30 Wide Angle SF 4-16x50 (LRC 16X) Riflescope (16352)

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Hawke Endurance 30 scopes are designed for all hunting disciplines - from varmint to big game.

All models feature Hawke’s new H5 optics which boasts a stunning 24° ultra-wide field of view with generous 100mm eye relief.


The H5 illumination system features multi-LED technology for high intensity illumination.


·         Wide Angle optical system

·         Long 4? Eye Relief

·         18 layer Fully Multi-Coated optics for exceptional clarity

·         Side Focus control for parallax adjustment to infinity

·         30mm mono-tube chassis for superior strength

·         Glass etched reticule with red illumination

·         6 levels of brightness with off positions in-between

·         ¼ MOA exposed and locking turrets

·         Fast focus eyeball and high torque zoom ring


LRC Reticule (16×)

Working with your bullet’s trajectory the LRC reticule, exclusively from Hawke, provides usable aim points for Long Range Centrefire shooting and hunting. The LRC is built specifically around the ballistics of centrefire cartridges, making holdover/under accuracy more possible than ever before. The glass-etched LRC features an illuminated aim point with windage markers for better accuracy and a reticule that stands out against foliage and dark backgrounds.


The aim points of the reticule are designed with gaps increasing in size. This more closely represents the fall of a bullet’s trajectory; the further the bullet travels, the faster the bullet falls. All you need to do is adjust the magnification setting to match your ballistics.