Gateway 1

Gateway 1 Woodwalker Neoprene Wellington Boot

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The Gateway1® brand name is inspired from the same word used in the days of USA´s birth.
Here settlers, frontiers, fur trappers and other adventures often named the first landing spot Gateway one on the great rivers. Here fur trade and supply where vital for the next season. By this name we want to express the functionality of our footwear to even the harshest nature and weather.
The Woodwalker is a 4mm neoprene lined boot with an all-terrain grip sole and soft comfort inner

• Calf fit: Normal (will expand)
• Outsole: All-terrain gripper 2.0™
• Shank: TPU
• Footbed: G1®-stage3™ footbed
• Lining: Coil lining™ + 4mm neoprene
• Upper: G1® 70 vulcanized natural rubber™
• Advantages:
• Comfort rating: -20C
• Moisture transporting lining.
• Very strong and durable rubber compound.
• Adjustable gusset will fit big calfs.
• Lightweight, comfort and shock-absorbing
• like a running shoe.
• Rough outsole profile for good grip in soft ground.
• Heel kicker function