Flugz Mouldable Hearing Protection

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Flugz Mouldable Hearing Protection

Fully mouldable to your ear canal

Completely re-usable

Still allows you to hear low frequency sounds

Brand new to the UK market, Flugz advanced hearing protection is guaranteed to change the way you use, buy and think about re-usable earplugs. Founded on an innovative and user-friendly moulding system, the Flugz are microwaved* until flexible and then, once placed in your ear, maintain a comfortable and ergonomic shape which is unique to you. Flugz carry a Noise Reduction Rating of 21 decibels whilst still allowing you to hear low frequency sounds clearly and effectively, simultaneously remaining in place for hours without discomfort. Lasting for years and completely re-usable, these ingenious earplugs will make for the perfect addition to your days in the field. Does not require re-moulding before every use.

*The case features an aluminium rim, but we can assure you that this is 100% microwave safe.

Please follow instructions carefully. Flugz can be damaged when overheated.