Day Scope Adapter (DSA) to fit PBS / PVS-14C & Cobra Rear Add-on units

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  • £135

Day Scope Adapter (DSA) for the PBS-14C and PVS-14C, this attaches to the rear of your day scope to convert your day scope into Night Vision - the scope must be parallax adjustable to get the best image quality possible from your Night Vision device.

We have also found that this will fit Cobra Optics units, such as the Demon and Titan.

Reducing rings are included to allow fitment across multiple dayscope eyepiece diameters;

  • 34mm
  • 39mm
  • 40mm
  • 41mm
  • 42mm
  • 43mm
  • 44mm 

Please note: Day scopes used in conjunction with rear add-on NV should be parallax adjustable, this allows you to have full control over the clarity of your reticle and image focus separately.