Crispi Futura NXT GTX

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Crispi® Futura NXT Boots: Innovation for Mixed Terrain

Launching at the British Shooting Show on 23 February 2024. The Crispi® Futura NXT boots are a recent addition to the brand's lineup, promoted as the "next future" in hunting footwear.

Here's a breakdown of their key features:

1. Integrated Gaiter: Unlike the standard Futura CX GTX boots, the NXT features a built-in gaiter that extends higher up the calf for additional protection from debris, moisture, and insects. This integrated design eliminates the need for separate gaiters, simplifying your gear setup.

2. Fast and Precise Lacing: The Crispi® Futura NXT utilizes a three-zone closure system. The front section allows for fine-tuning the fit around the ankle, while the middle section features a lace pocket to tuck away excess laces and maintain a clean look. The top utilizes the Crispi® GO System, a unique closure that provides a snug and adjustable fit around the calf.

3. Comfort and Performance: Made with premium nubuck leather and a Gore-Tex® lining, the boots offer excellent breathability and water resistance. The Crispi® ElastoFlex (EFX) midsole provides cushioning and support, promoting a comfortable and stable walking experience.

4. Grip and Stability: The Vibram® sole with Megagrip compound ensures superior traction on various terrains, from flat surfaces to moderate inclines. This combination provides the necessary confidence and stability for navigating diverse outdoor environments.

5. Lightweight Design: Despite the additional features, the Crispi® Futura NXT remains impressively lightweight, weighing only 840 grams per boot. This makes them ideal for extended hikes and activities where minimizing fatigue is crucial.

Overall, the Crispi® Futura NXT boots cater to hunters and outdoor enthusiasts seeking a versatile and comfortable option for mixed terrains. They combine innovative features like the integrated gaiter with traditional strengths of Crispi® boots, such as high-quality materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and reliable performance.

Expected to be available in September 2024