Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless

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Bushnell 8MP Trophy Cam HD Wireless. The woods no longer call, they text. Images are sent directly to your phone, tablet or computer for up-to-the-minute scouting information from wherever you hang this camera.

And you can now text them back with the new Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless. The new Trophy Cam HD Wireless instantly sends triggered-pictures to your smartphone via MMS and/or email over GSM and GPRS networks, or to your tablet or computer via email over GPRS. Featuring all the classic Trophy Cam specs, it now offers easy pre-settings to let you automatically select your country and provider after inserting your SIM Card, as well as a 6-language user menu.

Once you Trophy Cam is out in the woods or monitoring your house, you can configure it remotely by sending special SMS-Commands from your smartphone. Perfect for up-to-the-minute surveillance of your trail, woods and game activity, the Trophy Cam HD Wireless is also the perfect security tool to look after your properties when you are away. With the new Trophy Cam HD Wireless, you can now keep a watchful eye on everything 24/7 !

Visit the Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless website for all details including Quickstart guide, FAQs, videos, downloads and more.

Remote control by SMS-Commands
You can control your Trophy Cam from your smartphone by using special SMS Commands. You can send them at any time under both.

Pre-set Countries and Operators in most countries
All the APN settings are pre-set in the Trophy Cam Wireless for most countries and operators. You only have to select the country and operator of the SIM card you inserted in the Trophy Cam. If a Pre-set is missing, please refer to the Setting section below.
(if your operator is not in the list, you can do a manual setting or contact wireless-eu@bushnell-europe.com

6-language Menu
You can select the Menu in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian.

Pictures per MMS and/or Email
The Trophy Cam HD Wireless can send thumbnail pictures per MMS and/or Emails (GSM or GPRS - 2G).

Field Scan 2x. Time-lapse technology automatically snaps images at preset intervals of one minute to one hour, within the hours of your choice. Now with two available time slots so you can monitor dusk and dawn movement. Because it?s not triggered by game, it provides the widest viewing area possible. But unlike all other time-lapse cameras, its simultaneous live trigger will still capture images of anything that walks by. Every image is automatically stamped with day/date, temp and moon phase at time of capture. Hyper PIR Motion sensor reaches out to 60 feet or beyond and offers dramatically expanded coverage area over leading competitors. A quantum leap in distance and brightness, this new system ensures that sharpest after-dark imagery. All Trophy Cams are capable of capturing 720p HD video ? with sound ? for a brilliant connection to the game you hunt. The Trophy Cam HD Wireless uses the cloud to upload your images to the locations you have configured in your camera's settings moments after they are taken. Select Trophy Cam models with No-Glow Black LEDs are totally invisible to game and other hunters. Also ideal for security surveillance. Every Trophy Cam has the option to automatically embed GPS coordinates to make tracking game movement and camera placement simple. View and zoom your images in full color in the field. Night vision shutter speed adjustment for ultimate stop action images. Allows you to adjust flash power for different setups to conserve battery power where applicable. Recovery time from one image capture until the next image capture takes place in a lightning fast 1 second. True one year battery life for all season scouting. Trophy Cam's featuring this icon are compatible with our Solar Panel accessory. Date/Time/Moon/Temp/Name Stamp Capture full resolution images and video simultaneously on every trigger. Removeable Anti-Reflection cover for the LEDs minimizes visibility to game and other hunters.


Wireless Connectivity: Yes
Resolution Setting: 8MP
PIR Sensor: Low/Med/High/Auto
Night Vision Flash: 33 No-Glow Black LED, 60'
LCD Display: 2.4" Colour LCD
Data Stamp: Yes
GPS Geotag: Yes
Power Supply: AA (4-12)
Solar Compatible: Yes
Battery Life: Up to 3 months
Video Resolution: 1920x1080p
Video Length: Up to 60 seconds
SD Card Capacity: 32 GB
Field Scan 2X: Yes
Audio Record: Yes
Hybrid Capture: No