Redkettle Bino Caddy M19

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Red Kettle BINO CADDY M19

The Bino Caddy M19 is an adjustable pouch with a harness for carrying your binoculars on your chest.

It lets you carry your binoculars securely, comfortably and ready for action when you need them.

Binoculars are an essential piece of kit when hunting. But, they can work against if they swing around and get in your way when you need to get your rifle into action.

We built this caddy/harness to help you avoid that. So you can focus on hunting.

Binoculars shouldn’t get in the way of of stalking and shooting. As hunters we know how frustrating that can be. We built the Bino Caddy M19 to give you the right tool for the job. So you can stay in control and focus on hunting.

Key features include

• Adjustable harness keeps your binoculars close to your body.
• Magnetic buckle to give you fast one-hand operation.
• Adjustable and elasticated caddy keeps your binoculars under control.
• Security straps so you don't have to worry about leaving your binos behind.
• Adjustable and detachable cover to give you perfect fit and clean lenses.
• The harness accepts accessory pouches so you can carry extra gear.